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There has never been a sadness that can't be cured by breakfast foods.
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Thursday. 10.20.16 7:45 pm
i have such a love hate relationship with people. I'm very fire and ice when it comes to sharing my time with friends, families and acquaintances. This makes Facebook very difficult for me. For a while there it was awesome. I kept up with old friends and milestones in their lives, we shared heartbreaks, upheavals and changes of all kinds to be met with a community who at least pretended to like us. Now; Facebook has caused me to lose friends, strain relationships with family members and provides a deep, dark and dank hole I sometimes throw myself down with unwanted news, opinions and snide comments. People I had respect for I can no longer bear to be around, people I might have been friends with? Not likely. Remember in middle school taking a chance and sitting next to a random person you hopes you might have something in common with? I mean, it didn't do anything to my social anxiety I liked but it at least had integrity.

I'm just ranting.

In other news; Elessar and I will have been married for one full year next week. Kinda crazy/awesome. In other, other news I'm pregnant. Talk about throwing me for a loop. Awesome? Yeah, ok it kinda is. Scary? Like you wouldn't believe. He's CRAZY excited and while I think I will be.... I'm not yet. Which, is disappointing. I see all these uber moms who have their lives all together and I'm over here eating cookies for dinner because I forgot to grocery shopping. 🙄 Mom says being pregnant was the happiest time of her life. So far I've just had morning sickness and an overwhelming fear of dying while I'm giving birth. Did I mention? It's twins.

Be well, Nutang.

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Friday. 8.12.16 1:22 am
Well, I walked into that one. 🙄

Good Night!

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Wednesday. 7.27.16 5:43 pm
In bed with a book and my cat. There's a rainstorm outside.

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Progress for progress sake
Monday. 7.25.16 1:46 pm
Bridal Showers and Baby Showers annoy me.

Not the celebration of the event - it's the separating of the sexes to celebrate 'appropriately' that bugs me. I'm extremely introverted and I just don't understand what's so great about inviting only half your friends to a party. Dudes can be just as excited if not MORE excited about these things than girls. While the lovely ladies who have invited me to these upcoming celebrations are wonderful they are both more friends with my husband than with me. So, while he would have loved to have been by their side and maybe even help plan I've been invited because I have boobs. -_-

*rant over*

I've been needing to updated my wardrobe for a long time. I plan to buy one clothing item every paycheck until Christmas. A skirt, a shirt, a pair of shoes, a hair thingamabob ....etc. It makes me kinda excited. :D

I still haven't made it out to a volunteer site just yet. BUT! I did take the baby step of printing out and completing the volunteer forms. My top two contenders are the library (reading to kids!) and the Nature Refuge (garden recovery!). I'm torn between the two because they're both kinda awesome. I think I'm leaning towards volunteering at the library and getting a membership to the refuge so I can go hiking on the weekends. We'll see what ends up happening.

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